Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Home Grown Rose

While we lived in Quebec, Gate would bring me the seeds of roses he had found in his travels.  I planted them in my coldframe and waited. . . . and waited. . . . then waited some more.  After a couple of rounds of the seasons some of the seeds sprouted.  Since I never had any idea of the parentage of any of the seeds it was a complete mystery as to what I would get from them.  I potted up the seedlings and waited. . . . and waited. . . . then waited some more.  Then we moved and I carried the potted roses with me to Manitoba and set the pots in the ground and waited.  And this afternoon I was puttering in the garden and Lo!  A tiny rose bush, just a few inches tall, had produced a couple of flowers.  You can see how small the whole thing is compared to a 500 ml water bottle.  If  I do say so myself, I'm quite proud and a bit puffed up about it. 


Amanda said...

Very pretty roses! I will come see them soon :P

Virginia :D said...

Beautiful!! Good job :)